Install and Setup Altiris Deployment Server 6.9 SP4

1. Log on to Your Deployment Server Computer as an Administrator.

2. Grant Administrator database rights :
• Open Enterprise Manager and connect to your SQL Server.
• Browse to Security > Logins.
• Select the Administrator account you are using to install Deployment Solution. If it does not exist, add it.
• Click the Server Roles tab, and enable System Administrators:
• Click OK and verify that the role was added.

3. Create a Services Account : Create an account to run the services and connect to the database. This account is used only by Deployment Server, and is not tied to a user. For security reasons, we don’t recommend using an existing administrator account which might possess rights beyond those needed by Deployment Server. The account should not be part of a group and should not posses interactive login privileges. If your Deployment Database, Server, and Share are installed on the same computer, create a local account on that computer. If your Deployment Database or Share will be on a different computer than your Deployment Server, create a domain-level account, or create local accounts with the same credentials on each computer hosting a Deployment Solution component.

4. Obtain a License File from Altiris Sales Team: For evaluation, you can use the integrated 7-day license, or you can use the 30-day 10-node trial license that is sent automatically when the software is downloaded. If you have purchased a license, you need to have the .lic license file available during installation.

5. Install .NET and MDAC : Your Deployment Server computer requires .NET 1.1 and MDAC 2.7 SP1 or later. This software is available on the Microsoft download site.

6. Start Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) : If IIS is running during the Deployment Solution installation, the Deployment Web Console is installed automatically.

7. Installing: Run the setup file and Select Simple or Custom Install as per your intension.

8. Enable Microsoft Sysprep Support: If you plan on using Sysprep to deploy standard images and scripted operating system installs, provide the location of the file for the operating systems for which you want to enable Sysprep. These are located on your Windows installation CDs. This can be installed later by running setup.exe and selecting Component Install.

9. Remotely Install Deployment Agent: After the installation completes, you have the option of remotely installing the Deployment Agent. Unless you are familiar with Deployment Solution and the Remote Agent Installer, we recommend you do not install the agent at this time. A full discussion of Deployment Agent rollout is contained in Deployment Agent Installation

10. Grant Full Control of the Deployment Share to Your Service Account: If your Deployment Share was created during the installation, grant the services account full control of this share. By default, this folder is C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server.

11. Create Domain Join and Deployment Share Accounts
12. Grant Services Account the db_owner Role to Your Deployment Database
• Open Enterprise Manager and connect to your SQL Server.
• Browse to Security > Logins.
• Double-click the account you are using to run the Deployment services. If the login is not listed, add it.
• Click the Database Access tab, select the eXpress database, and enable the db_owner role.
• Click OK and verify that the change was successful.

13. Configure Your Deployment System : The majority of tasks you perform in your Deployment System use the Deployment Console.
• To open the Deployment Console:
• Click Start > Programs > Altiris > Deployment Solution > Console.
• Add Your Domain Join Accounts : If you are using accounts to join computers to a domain you need to provide the account credentials.
• To add domain join accounts:
1. In the Deployment Console, click Tools > Options > Domain Accounts.
2. Provide the accounts you created in Step 2: Create Domain Join and Deployment Share Account.

14. Enable Security and Add Administrators : To enable security, You must add at least one user or group to enable security.
1. In the Deployment Console, click Tools > Security.
2. Add a new user or group.
3. Grant Console Rights to Administrators
 In the Deployment Console, click Tools > Security.
 Select a user or Group and click Rights.

15. Grant Database Rights to Administrators: Each Administrator with console access must be granted public rights to your Deployment Database. The best way to do this is by assigning public access to the Active Directory groups containing your Deployment administrators. This prevents you from manually granting this access to individual administrators as they are added or removed from Deployment management responsibilities.
 Open Enterprise Manager and connect to your SQL Server.
 Browse to Security > Logins.
 Add a login for each user or group that will manage computers using Deployment Solution.
 For each user or group, on the Database Access tab, grant the public role for the eXpress database:

16. Configure Deployment Server : The Deployment Server Configuration Utility lets you configure advanced settings for the Deployment Server component. You can stop, start, or restart the Deployment Server services, update the services account, and configure additional options. You do not need to perform any configuration at this time, though you should become aware of the configuration options provided.
To Open the Deployment Server Configuration Utility:
1. Click Start > Programs > Altiris > Deployment Solution > Configuration.


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